About Me

Hello! My name is James Coleman. I am an avid food enjoyer and writer who decided to put these two hobbies of mine into my very own blog. Since I can remember, I have always enjoyed being around food, either by being in the kitchen learning how to cook or watching food videos anywhere.

My younger days consisted of watching Iron Chef and Emeril Lagasse on Food Network, and as I grew older I started watching food and cooking videos on YouTube through channels like Eater, Insider Food, and Worth it, where I’d also dream of going to restaurants to eat delicious food. When I wasn’t watching food videos, I would learn how to cook by watching and participating with family.

In my free time I like to read comic books, manga, and play video games from time to time. The main things I love to do however is go to different restaurants to eat amazing food, as well as write about my experiences.

This blog is the culmination of both my interests of food and writing together! Join me as I venture to different everywhere in order to create content and review restaurants in my own engaging way.