MrBeast Burger Bombs in a Mixed Way

You’ve more than likely heard of Jimmy Donaldson, or Mr. Beast, either from his extreme YouTube videos ranging from survival, games, or challenges with copious amounts of money involved in each video. But what you probably aren’t aware of is that Mr. Beast has his own growing virtual restaurant chain, called Mr. Beast Burger.

Named after his moniker, Mr. Beast Burger was founded and developed two years ago in a partnership with Virtual Dining Concepts LLC. The partnership uses virtual restaurants and ghost kitchens, which utilizes a meal preparation hub and existing kitchen for delivery orders. Virtual restaurants are typically attached to existing restaurants but can make different food for delivery apps, similar to how Atomic Wings are sold by Applebee’s through UberEats.

The first pop up location debuted two years ago in Wilson, North Carolina, near Mr. Beast’s hometown of Greensville. Currently, there are over 300 virtual locations across the US and 1 in Puerto Rico. Each virtual location is strictly delivery only, and you can order from food delivery sites, or directly at

The growing virtual restaurant chain has since expanded since it’s initial debut two years ago, but this time standing it’s ground by having it’s first official location. The first physical brick and mortar Mr. Beast Burger location was opened in September 2022, at the American Dream mall in East Rutherford, New Jersey; the second largest mall in America and 12 miles east from New York City. The restaurant features also has a merchandise section inside where fans can buy Mr. Beast Merch.

The menu at Mr. Beast is as simple as it gets with typical burgers, sandwiches and fries, Thin smashed beef patties come in different “styles” all named after Mr. Beast and his best friends, Chandler, Chris, and Karl. Each Burger comes with thin smashed beef patties with signature house seasoning but differ with added toppings or bun changes. Options vary from each style having a plant-based option featuring Impossible burger patties, to crispy chicken tender sandwiches in both regular and Nashville hot, to a simple Karl’s grilled cheese.

Menu with different styles, and dessert options

The Chris Style burger looks like a standard double smash burger, two crispy patties with cheese and French fries and crispy bacon. Despite the patties being thin the bun and the French fries give it a bit more weight when holding it. The burger is noticeably salty, with most of the disappointment and salt stemming from the patties. It’s not overwhelmingly salty where you must put it down and stop eating, but noticeably salty enough to where you’ll need a beverage to wash it away and still be reminded that it’s salty.  The bun is a standard, typical toasted bun. It’s nothing that stands out and falls in line with signature burger places and options.

Signature crispy crinkle fries that come with a combo meal are a bit unique, to say the least.

The fries are dusted with salt, red pepper, and paprika for a nice kick of flavor and subtle hint of spice, but sugar added into the seasoning gives a hint of noticeable sweetness. There’s also hints of lime present in the seasoning as well. The hint of lime combined with the spice mixture and sugar is almost reminiscent of Tajín seasoning. The signature option with the all the seasoning is recommended over the regular plain crinkle cut fries.

The “Chris” style beast burger with fries, cheese, and bacon, along with signature crinkle fries.

Sadly, the seasoning blend for the French fries is just a copy paste for the Nashville Hot Chicken Tender sandwich, which can be disappointing considering the name of the sandwich. While the chicken inside the sandwich is crispy and juicy; something I learned when having the juice fly inches away from my sandwich and onto my drink cup upon first bite; the seasoning used on the fries is the same for the sandwich. It’s certainly not a terrible chicken sandwich at all, but it’s not exactly a Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich.

 It’s more of a Nashville Mild, or just a Mild Chicken Sandwich with two spices and sugar. Perhaps maybe some hot oil or more spices would make it more “Nashville” themed. If you’re expecting a Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich, you aren’t getting one here for sure.

The “Nashville Hot” Chicken Sandwich with lettuce and pickles.

Overall, the first physical location of Mr. Beast Burger is not great, but not bad either, especially considering the physical location has been open for about 3-4 months so far. But with Mr. Beast being one of the most subscribed Youtubers in the world supported by an audience of younger fans, the physical location may appeal to a younger audience of children and the parents who go take them there, bringing on more support to keep the restaurant going. Younger fans of Mr. Beast may enjoy the food more than teenagers or adults would.

Would I ever visit it again? No, but if you are ever visiting the American Dream or are in the East Rutherford area, I’d recommend a stopping by for visit for a unique experience just one time. The French fries are good at least.

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