Simple yet Modern Pasta at the Farm Italy

If you’d like to experience genuinely good Italian food with fresh ingredients in a chic restaurant, then head to the Farm Italy in Huntington, New York. The Farm Italy serves relatively simple Italian style dishes ranging from pasta, antipasti sharable options, and regular plates featuring meat or fish. Plate options for meat and fish can be a bit high in price, as they feature steak from $45 to $67 dollars, and fish related options ranging from $30 dollars to $54 dollars. The atmosphere and vibe of the Farm describes it’s food perfectly; modern and tasteful.

Entrance to the Farm Italy; located in 12 Gerard St, Huntington, New York

Starting off with an appetizer, $10 dollars for house bread was slightly jarring to see, but seeing and tasting huge, muffin-like pieces of bread topped with salt and served with a side of herb butter managed to sway my slight judgement and make it worth it.

House bread with herb butter and olive oil.

However, if you’re coming to an Italian restaurant to eat well… pasta, you will find that all their pasta options do not go above $29 dollars. Their pappardelle proved to be a hearty option, with thick noodles covered in meaty beef Bolognese sauce, and mixing in the dollop of ricotta cheese on top to give it more richness.

Pappardelle with beef bolognese and ricotta.

The ravioli stuffed with ricotta cheese and sprinkled with black truffle was a nice second favorite of mine. Again, that rich ricotta pairs nicely with a parmesan cream sauce, and the faint hints of a slightly welted onion and oil paired with the ravioli provide for a velvety smooth, creamy, yet earthy plate due to that truffle.

Ravioli with ricotta cheese, cipollini onion, parmesean, and black truffle.

It wouldn’t be called Restaurant and Bar without highlighting their cocktail menu, featuring normal things to expect like a typical expresso Martini, and the Aperol Spritz. If you’re driving, then you can experience one of their signatures mocktails like I did in the form of their Blood Orange Mocktail with a rim of basil salt. The alcoholic version of this is a Blood Orange Margarita with Fresno infused tequila.

The Blood Orange Margarita Mocktail.

For dessert, I beg, please finish your off dinner with the warm flourless chocolate tart, topped with a scoop of smooth and creamy pistachio gelato, and garnished with candied pistachios. A scoop of gelato and chocolate tart makes for a satisfying end to dinner, with soft tart and nutty gelato combined. However, my favorite part of the dessert was the candied pistachios. The texture and crunch reminded me of a glossed granola cluster covered in sugar, like in Honey Bunches of oats. For this dessert, one each for both you and your date, and thank me later.

Flourless chocolate tart with pistachio gelato; candied pistashios.

My only gripe was that it was a bit loud in the restaurant, but maybe that’s a sign that business is great if it’s filled with tons of people enjoying fresh and simple Italian food. especially on a Saturday night. Food and experience wise it makes for a great date night spot. But the best part about eating at the Farm like this?  Dinner for two like was around $110 dollars. For fresh quality food at a decent price and a nice atmosphere, the Farm Italy gets a rating of 8.5 out of 10 from me.

The Farm Italy: 8.5/10.

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